Our Philosophy

Our business philosophy is to create win-wins. We want our customers to get a great deal, we want our employees to do a great job and be paid well for doing it and we want our company to be successful by doing things the right way.

Because of this philosophy, we will not offer you one price over the phone and then switch it when we come out. We will work to find a price that works for everyone and most of all want the customer and the employee to be happy.

Our Truck

From the moment we arrive at your home or business, you will notice what sets us apart from any other carpet cleaning company. You will notice our large box truck that contains our custom truck-mounted steam cleaning system. Our Vortex cleaning system has significantly more suction power than any other system on the market. This means more dirt and debris are able to be lifted from your carpet, it also means carpets dry much faster than your typical steam cleaning machine. Usually, carpets are dry in just 4-5 hours!

We pair this suction with a custom heating unit that uses the diesel engine to heat our steam up to a constant 230 degrees! A typical heating element in a carpet cleaning system usually reaches 160-180 degrees, and isn’t always consistent. Every 18 degrees doubles your cleaning power, meaning cleaner carpets with less need for chemicals. Another added bonus, our steams ability to kill viruses that require from 165-212 degrees to be killed. With Pure Results, you will have the peace of mind knowing you’ve gotten your carpets as clean as possible!

Our Team

Joseph Merrithew has been cleaning carpets for years but felt like customer service was lacking at the other companies he worked for and there was a need for a company that gave exceptional customer service and delivered on what they promised. When this amazing truck became available Joe knew it was time to start his own company based on giving customers what they needed at a fair price.

Trevor Huish has been a manager at a large bank for over 12 years now and has won six annual awards for top customer service and finding benefits for his customers. In 2012 his branch finished first in all of Idaho. Trevor received an MBA from Arizona State with an emphasis in entrepreneurship and has always wanted to start a business that focused on taking care of customers and employees.